About The Project: Explore and Discover

Welcome to the journey…

“Around the World in 80 Events” is the crazy idea of Matt Lamb who thought it would be a great idea to go around the world (crazy in itself) and discover 80 different events. This includes cultural, historical, sporting, religious – the list goes on…

Documenting the events – I aim to meet as many people as possible and capture lots of different elements about all the events I visit. From understanding the organising of the events to understanding why people go. I want to immerse myself into the events I see – whether this means volunteering, attending or participating. I will throw myself at every opportunity to ensure I get the best out of this adventure.

This whole project has one goal – to inspire. I want to inspire future adventurers to go and experience the world, events and living their own dream. It is and will be for sure a life changing experience – but I want everyone to write their own journey alongside mine – go and live your dream today!

The visits are not possible without you – so if you happen to be around the world, love events or interested in meeting a crazy Scotsman (me) going to all these events – then get in touch today – through the subscribe page today!

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