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The Nike Advert…Dream Crazy

Lots of people have been saying to me – wow this is crazy. Recently there was an advert launched by Nike saying “if people says its crazy you should ask yourself if its crazy enough…” So I thought I would answer my own question in this weeks blog…

  • Do I think that going around the world is crazy – yes.
  • But do I think its possible – for sure.
  • Do I think trying to attend 80 different events is crazy – yes.
  • Do I think adding visits to different academic universities is crazy – yes
  • Do I think adding visits to venues – yes.
  • Do I think the creation of my bucket list on top is crazy – yes.
  • Do I think that me raising money for charity while doing challenges around the world is crazy…yes.
  • Do I think that I will make the trip more crazy as the 143 days go…yes

My point here is simple – an original idea or dream might seem crazy – but to add on to the crazyiness is important. Something should never just be – one level crazy when the opportunity is their to grow it further. Its funny because this adventure will be over in the blink of an eye. But within that time – I need to remember something – embrace the craziness – because I will never do this route, these challenges, these events or anything else in this order – ever again. Anyone who calls a dream crazy – take it as a complement because your doing what they they may not be able to ever dream to go and do.

So here’s a question – when you have a dream or a wish – do you think its crazy enough? If not – why not? Why don’t you add another level to it and then ask yourself again – is it crazy enough? If you have a mindset to be stuck in a certain way – then maybe this challenge isn’t for you. However, think if you made it that bit more crazy or challenging – would I get more from the trip…the idea…the dream…of course you would – that’s why everything should be as crazy as it can be.

So yeah – my dream – well I’m dreaming crazy but forever I will always think is what I am doing crazy enough…

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It all started as a dream…

“Around the World in 80 Events” was a dream that began in 2012. I thought about going around the world and visiting events. Wouldn’t it be cool if I had a camera crew following me and filming the whole thing. It would be even more amazing if it was a BBC prime time program – crazy idea but it was all part of the dream. The dream was to discover and experience 80 events…who would ever have thought I would now be planning to start the adventure in 143 days…

In the last nine years when I been part of events I always want to immerse myself in every part of the event. Personally its all about ensuring you get the most you can from everything you do – and this is where the dream started. I wanted to understand how other events operate, run, work, are successful and so on. The only way to do this is go and explore. So – the dream – was very Hollywood and lavish and large – but now the way I want this adventure to work is actually more personal. I want people to be inspired to live their dream. I want people to see events in a different ways. But the most important element is I want people to think. I want them to think when they read the blogs about the events I visit, the travel plans (whether its re-thinking how to book), cultures I will discover and anything else in between.


The dream is not just mine now to live. The dream is everyones. I want everyone to be part of this dream whether its friends that have had to endure me over the years talking about crazy ideas, whether its events people who I have met over the years (and also had to endure me), students I have taught in the past or anyone else that has stumbled over this blog (including the woman at the post office who was checking my passport and I told her all about my project) – its for you.

This adventure did start a dream – but now the tickets are booked, the backpack is purchased and the events are ready for me to attend. Its funny though as I write this I have butterflies in my belly because where will I be next year? What hostel will I be sitting in writing a blog from? Or will I? Will I complete the adventure and make all the 80 events…


Whatever happens at the end – I promise one thing – I will commit myself including every energy particle I can give to ensure that I get as much as possible from everything that I will do. I also can’t wait to write about the dream. I can’t wait for one day to have the book printed and all of the pages filled with everything I saw, smelt, felt, tasted and heard from around the world – because thats how this dream will be lived.


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Fears of travelling…

Travelling to other places is an unknown. How do you plan for the unknown? For example, the different cultures globally and understanding the do and don’ts. What about in America – not going into the wrong neighbourhood but wanting to explore the beaten track – that is exactly what the risks of travelling are about. Its about learning and developing at time progresses to appreciate what travelling really is.

My travels are based around going to events – which in itself brings risks. Large events with large gatherings of people bring threats. However, for me some people see those threats in ways that put them off – but for me its about just getting on with it – maybe this is because I have been involved for the last 9 years so I am used to it.

Specific travelling fears include:

  • Someone in your bunk bed in your hostel – when its not their bed;
  • Being lost and drunk (wont happen to me) and not known where you are going;
  • Running out of underwear;
  • Turning up to the wrong airport and to the wrong flight;
  • Accommodation not the five stars that you had hoped;

For me, personally going “Around the World in 80 Events “I have many fears. Here are some I will share:

  • Not making the 80 events. After all this work not being able to make 80 events. However, with precise planning and travelling plans – I believe I can make it but it’s a fear at the back of my head;
  • Financially running out of cash – I am funding this project myself. No other help – so I need to plan everything so well. I need to ensure I capture every expenditure. I can’t have that extra chocolate bar in the airport or street food in Bangkok;
  • Being lost – travelling is all about being lost but actually physically not known where to go and feeling scared is not ideal. Especially in some countries where street lighting is not known to exist;

However, the key element here is the success that travel can bring to your life. The add on’s you bring to life by being more cultured, travelled and open to the differences that we have in this world. The world will give me a lot and I will for sure take a lot away. But without doubt stepping on to that plane on the 4th of February I am going to be scared – but suppose its better to be scared than confident you have it all under control.

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When you think about it in your life you never knew anyone until you say one thing – Hello…

That hello is very important to start and establish common ground and moving forward with the develop of a relationship, friendship, connection and so on. This is the stage I am at with my project. It is my objective to meet new people and the only way I can do that is saying “HELLO…” Don’t get me wrong not everyone is going to reply to my hello’s. However, the ones that will reply are the ones that will see the benefit of engaging with me for the future. For them to have their event and venue recorded in the book means it will be seen to have wanted to be part of this project – which can only mean a good thing.

065/365: Show us your smile!

I also want the hello to be about meeting new friends who I would have a common ground with – events. I would be able to talk to people about events.

“Do I have too…” is sometimes what people think when they have to say hello. We are restricting ourselves to technological hellos instead of expressing our vocal cords. In events hello’s and conversations are what brings people together under the central meaning and appreciation for what they are there to enjoy. Therefore, for me – its about bringing that hello to different people around the world. I want to hear and see what their hello is like! I want to go to a cultural celebration about lemons and say hello to people who love fruit but I also want to say hello to people that attend events that morally might seem wrong for some people…

What is the hello of the event! What is your hello!

Say Hello today!

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Booking Flights…

Its funny trying to book flights. When you think ok that’s the route. Done. Book it now. And then the traveller in your head goes “oh what if we go here instead….” that’s when you start realizing – this is not going to be easy. Planning a trip of a lifetime has been difficult but I need to be realistic and say I aint going to make everyone. I have a plan and I need to stick to it.


Financially and to do with what events I am trying to attend I am organizing the trip into 4 stages. First is Asia and New Zealand. This adventure will hopefully conquer 25 events and give me the opportunity to explore areas that I have flown over in the past but never actually explored on the ground. I can google what what every country looks ike but its not the same when you explore.

You get to hear the sounds you cant hear from google. You get to see the sights you cant experience through a screen. You get to see the hustle and bustle of the city centre or even the quiet atmosphere of alleyways or countryside.

To be able to organize a trip like this is an honour. Now most probably the question would be why an honour. To be able to have the financial resrcoue, have the ability and have the determination to do so – is an honour. Also to do my family proud and to be able to go and see the world and tell people about it – will be something rather special.

Booking flights is not just as simple as saying – I will go here to here and that’s it. I need to think about certain festivals and events – and link them with the destinations I am going. For example, I am flying to Brussels then the next day Ajax are playing there last home match of the 2019 football season so I need to get to Amsterdam and the next day get to Dresden in Germany for a music festival – all in three days.

The other point about booking flights is the amount of options. I have never seen some of the airlines I am booking with and never even knew half of them existed. It is exciting when you get on the website and try to book as you would with a local airline, one that you know, but instead you are met with a Vietnam Airlines website, which is not globalized one bit and trying to navigate through is tricky. But this is what travelling is about – its about understanding how other people and things are done – and not just everything being the same.


(Options and trying to make the timings work – was one of the key and stressful things…)

As my first flight will take off in 2019 I will remember the first one I booked the flight. I will remember that excitement and know that for a year I will be flying those butterflies each time I go on the flight and to a new destination…that’s the excitements of travelling.