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Around the World in 80 Events – The Book

No matter what payment method you use above or this one – both will lead you to getting the best book ever! ‘Around the World in 80 Events’ is an adventure of a lifetime completed by Matthew Lamb. An adventure that captured 80 different events around the world in the space of eight months and two weeks in 2019. A whirlwind of an adventure that will take everyone on a journey… Immersing in some of the most unique global events, this journey is nothing short of an amazing adventure. From understanding the Jakarta International Java Festival to the Tour de France, this story will take the reader on a global adventure never appreciated until now… Matthew Lamb was born in Glasgow and has been involved in the events industry for over 10 years. His love of events and travelling took him on this adventure, but more than that. Matthew loves to write projects that can inspire others to go and live their dreams! Studying a PhD in events as well as lecturing, Matthew loves to inspire the next generation. Yours today for £12.99 (UK Only – Postage and Packaging free for a limited time only) for international please contact and I will get your postage and packaging priced: matt@aroundtheworldin80events.com Click on the PayPal button below and begin purchasing today. Please ensure to include your address in the comment section in the paypal area.


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