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‘Just as well you went on your adventure last year…’

The heading is spot on eh. ‘Around the World in 80 Events’ would have been an unknown thing. It would never have actually took off and probably cancelled halfway through – by now I would have probably have been stuck half way between Glasgow and India or probably walking home. Now after 8 months of being back we are seeing the events industry completely cancelled. I decided to write some blogs about these changes and add in my two cents. The next five blogs will be about different topics. Todays its just a general overview…

Two thirds of the global population were on lockdown. Only 30 countries/ terorities approx.. have not been affected due to in someways the measures put in place and also to the fact that the people of these remote places are adamant no one gets in. So let us talk about the impact events had on the spread.

A Champions League Match in Italy is reported to have been the biological bomb that spread the virus around Italy.  Continuing this a conference in Scotland was seen to have spread the virus in Edinburgh at the end of February. Of course there was not only these instances but travelling in itself did change the whole scale of the virus. In late February a global events blog wrote the heading ‘Destination are being changed. Some will be avoided.’ This was before even a quarter of the world had any reported cases. When I travelled last year only four events out of the 80 I reported on had anything hygiene related mentioned or any hand sanitation units (outside of the toilet). The change in 2021 will be quite extraordinary. But what about the events that bring people to destinations – will they ever return? Will we see away fans of a football match being able to travel or will they have the fear? Overall I think it will probably be a mixture. Travel will for sure plummet and an up take in subscriptions to make in various countries sport that fans may travel to will see an increase.

Continuing with the crippled events industry we are noticing now a change in how stadiums and venues are being used. Entertainment venues have became hospitals. Stadium and Airport car parks have became testing facilities. Event cancellations of the weeks at the beginning of lockdowns became opportunities for some hotels and venues to ‘gloat’ on social media to feed those with nothing. Firstly, if your going to do it – do it – don’t gloat during a health pandemic (in my own opinion). It’s a very interesting spectacle when true colours are seen. Also, after the stock from the 400 covered meeting is gone – did hotels and venues then order in more to continue – some they did but some got enough likes to then furlough there staff.

Did you ever notice that the events industry in some countries came together better than others? New Zealand – a leader within the arguments they were putting forward. But in some other countries it was a secret society rather than a ‘what do we think’ about the future. In Belgium the Flemish tourism minister wanted the event industry to return but with major social distancing rules enforced. If implemented correctly and abided by – this can work. In America – well I don’t know and probably won’t even start.

Events are over as we know it. Period. But the part we are missing is – the consumers. Are they being spoken to? How will we gain the trust of the consumer again? That will be featured!

So in this quick short conclusive blog the events industry a major part of the world has seen a major loss. Guiding through some of the tough topics of events these blogs are not just for talking about the topics but delving in to something special!


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  1. Wow! Your resilience and ingenuity will serve you well on your new journey to regroup, reimagine, and redefine.

    Remember there are always at least 2 (and the many more you met) in Michigan.

    Stay well, Matthew

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