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The first blog in three months…

I do apologise that there has been a slight drought in blogs. After my return I fell away from the habit of writing the blogs as I had no more events to write about. Then normality of life returned and took each second away which meant no more riveting blogs where written. So now I sit with the winter period of events almost over and I thought I would write from what was a busy and challenging three months…


Within the three months of return I have spoken at over 7 universities and institutions. Over 2,000 people have heard my story of “Around the World in 80 Events”. But more that – 2,000 have been given the chance to think about a journey that they can go on, which is more exciting. A chance to think about there adventure and chance to be different. I am very fortunate that my dream was achievable but I say every dream is achieved or else you would never have thought about it in the first place.


Climbing out a train I dragged my suitcase which was full of items collected throughout the trip. I laughed because I thought the days of worrying about what ways the exit were and getting caught in crowds was behind me. I was in Coventry – I had heard it was nicknamed the British Bahamas. This was the part of the adventure I had never fully scoped or planned and in a way the last 3 months have been nice like that. I fully am enjoying the “what if…” approach and dragging my bags off trains to places I have never been – well long may that continue. And even being told my train was cancelled for the second time in the year – LITERALLY – I had been to 62 locations in the world travelled nearly every 3rd day and this was only the second time for a cancellation. Madness.


Completing my first sold out public talk was – special. I was surrounded by peers, friends and importantly family who allowed me to say “I had a sold out crowd…” yes I had a few who couldn’t make it but the sold out crowd were treated to a spectacle and an insight into the just completed journey.

A whole crowd wanted to see me present with gusto and I gave it to them. It was a privilege. Being in the lecture room that I sat during my Induction was quite a journey and 10 years on I was now orchestrating something special. Now…need to keep that ball rolling.


Completing the first draft of the book has been special. It is full of mistakes but it’s the collection of 80 events that globally millions participated in 2019. Literally I estimated that 7.5 million people attended the events I attended. Four events alone had 4 million people! Amazing numbers and when you dive into this and look at the impact of these events and the impact of 7.5 million people can be mind boggling but shows the positive impact and change events can have.

So what’s next. Well, the blogs are back. I have 10 themes for the next 10 blogs. I want to write about some of the things I saw around the world and create a discussion. From transport becoming more sustainable, understanding cultural roots in some cities…and also writing about what it’s really like to stop after doing something that was a first. Next – the book. Let’s get that done. 5 emails a week will be sent to producers, tv people and Steven Spielberg to try and get “Around the World in 80 Events” as a documentary out…why not. What have I got to loose – I achieved the adventure so I may as well push it even further.

So get ready for blog after blog. Get ready for exciting news and maybe even podcasts – imagine listening to my voice through your stereo – wouldn’t that be hilarious…


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  1. Greetings from Michigan! I’ve missed reading of your adventures and look forward to the blogs and the format you mentioned. A sold-out crowd is a most impressive accomplishment.

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