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Event 78: Lucky Chops: Album Launch…from Jakarta to New York

Lucky Chops – I say very passionately are one of the best instrumental bands I have ever seen. They create fun. They create memorable experience. And they understand the concept of performing. Welcome to the blog and adventure of there album drop in Manhattan…


What is the event?

What: Lucky Chops – Album Launch in 42nd Street Train Station

When: Friday 27th September 2019

Where: 42nd Street Station, Manhattan

Watching the band set up I had to remember the area we were standing – in the middle of 42nd street subway station in Manhattan with thousands of people passing through every 5 minutes. The doors of different subway carriages would open from downstairs on platform C and then a new audience would arrive for Lucky Chops. The pink Lucky Chops flag was moved and to the right and then – we were ready. 


Behind the subway gates was a musical talent and performance that I was fortunate to have seen in Jakarta Jazz Festival and now I was meeting the band once again in New York. But with this – it was so much more special.

Lucky Chops have worked so hard to become internationally known – and now are embarking on a Europe tour. In the past they have played in subway stations to survive and spread there music – now it’s where they drop an amazing album. They don’t forget there roots and importantly they remember the people that made them. 


With a tripod set up and a mic boom locked to the subway beams – the horns take off. The drums soar into a rhythm of uncontrollable dance. And it beautifully all begins. Immediately people stop – they look and engage. I call this “a moment of distraction”. It pulls people from normal routine and creates a moment of escape. Lucky Chops were a tool for creating that moment of escape. Some people filmed the performance, some just danced and some just soaked in the music. This is the point of why I wanted to complete a project like this. I wanted to watch the different methods of engagement of events. I wanted not to watch at times the performance but those enjoying it. Yes, some people had to take off because they had time schedules to meet. But for others – it was about standing in the middle of a subway and enjoying what was being presented to them. 

For sure there is a thesis or research project on an event like this. What is a subway station really? Well, it’s a place of consumption for travel but can also be of education, alternative entertainment and moments of inspiration. Today that was exactly what I experienced. 


You have to think about what is events – and sometimes it’s about consuming abnormal moments to propel a change or an emotion. Happiness for me was evoked and I got to enjoy something that – doesn’t happen all the time.

For an hour and a half I got to listen to the new album as well as some classic covers. There new album, Lucky Chops Instrumental, it was a very lively group of melodies. Perfect for vibrating off of the lonely walls of the subway station. My favourite song (incase your interested) was Full Heart Fancy.

One thing to take away…

Events can happen anywhere. They can shape someone’s day. They can bring a positive distraction and allow people to have a moments of unique engagement. And this was just that…


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