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Event 77: “Concert for One: 1 Musician, 1 Listener, 1 minute of Live music”…me, a musician and a nice rug

One musician and one spectator in the middle of refurbished shipping container. I mean – wow! It was special for sure and let me explain how this absolutely unique concept could become a world education and promotional tool for the future in a way others could never and has never done.


What was the event?

What: “Concert for One: 1 Musician, 1 Listener, 1 minute of Live music”

Where: Havard Science Center Plaza/ Rose Kennedy Greenways’ Chi Park , Boston (Two Locations)

When: Monday 23rd September 2019

Let the story begin…

Two yellow containers sit on the grounds of Havard University, just one of the locations that this event is taking place. One container holds a display of the aims of the project. It has musical instruments for people to engage with and the other has a window and a door. Inside is a time you will never forget. Here is what happens…


Walking in the door closes and in front is a musician sits and welcomes you and introduces the instrument they have. This can vary and happens between 10 – 6 with a rotation of musicians throughout the day. For 15 seconds my musician introduced the “lute” and spoke about the history. It was a great story and then he played a melody. I was absolutely in awe. It was so unique a concept I literally was taken to another planet of “interest”. Outside was a world of activity but in here was a capsule of a conversation. My ears were completely locked in to each noise.

The whole concept was simply beautiful. To given a minute away from phones, friends, reality and just listen. This is one of the most important points here – to listen. Not many people understand what sound does. We take it for granted. But to listen to a melody that is for your ears only. It gives a whole new appreciation for music because you can listen with no interruption.


The fact that the capsules are so bright and the whole thing are positioned in high footfall areas give people the opportunity to engage and disrupt there usual routines. This is the other aim – methods of disruptions. Think about it when do you do anything that is sporadic. Never. Really you stick to what you need to do rather than find random moments. Monday – Friday is the same drill with no alterations. However, this – well it breaks the routine by allowing people to have an experience that is kept forever to remember and enjoy. But also tell others. When you think about if something amazing, unique and special has happened the most important thing you want to do – tell everyone. Tell your friends. You need to share it. And for me this is why a one minute musical moment can be and should be something everyone should be doing.

I walked out of there not just wanting more but I wanted to share the story. I didn’t want to leave the area so for a while me and my friend who had came to Boston to meet me engaged with playing the guitar, writing our special moments on the wall, which was a moment of engagement constructed by the organisers.

Lets talk about the organisers. Celebrity Series are a non-profit arts organisation. They want to enrich the community with events, activities and moments like this. Its all about developing a great Boston by connecting people with the arts. They do that extremely well. They succeed with a product/ event – that for me is probably one of the most unique products I have seen.


One thing to take away…

Events can instrumentally deliver an experience that takes people to another level without being complex – but actually with just being simple. I loved it. And I think the whole concept could be a global project…


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