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Event 75: Detroit Eastern Markets: Afterdark…brilliant event with a meaning that is so much more!

The sunsets and the music begins. Market stalls of a different type are gracing the market area. Murals brightening up walls of lost hope. Artist impressions have a deeper meaning. Standing in the middle of the market I am an event that is more than an event…


What was the event?

What: Eastern Markets: Afterdark

When: Thursday 15th September

Where: Detroit Eastern Markets

Let the story begin…

TO THE RIGHT TO THE RIGHT TO THE RIGHT…the Cupid shuffle plays, the stalls are set up and the abandoned and disused buildings are reenergised. I watched people arriving in there 4×4 large cars coming to areas they don’t come. I watched families introduce there families to areas once upon a time were lost in the demise of Detroit. The buildings lit up – with joy at being full – the walls gleaming of art and the area buzzed. The event was a mixture of a few things. Eastern Markets: After Dark and the Murals in the Markets. Both events had the same objectives – to change the future of the area by boosting economical growth and usage of the area – simple. I watched the art on the way be engaged with by people who love art or have an interest in the stories. Small plaques positioned on the side of the art to tell a story about the artists and the magnificent art.


Five zones are positioning in the markets. Each market area has a different theme or approach. My most favourite zone was got to be where it was about mixing and coming together. The tunes were being dropped. The MC was off the hook and Detroit was dancing. Everyone wanted to join in – but some people were scared. Scared for coming out of there shell. But as time passed the dancing area got bigger. This is one of my points…

One aim existed – opportunity to mingle and engage with their city again. Detroit was lost. But this area and economical development agency has founded an event that has and will 100% give a momentum of character, moments of brilliance and opportunity to show flair. Music played loud as I watched people dance but further in I watched people buy scarfs, hand made soaps and other items. Everyone was mingling and chatting and it really was special. Detroit has a way of showing an extreme amount of resistance  and together can take on anything.

I met many organisations such as Let’s Detroit who has many priorities as getting people of Detroit involved and engaged in things that happen in Detroit. Community organisations directly engaging shows a urge to deepen the bonds that are created in the town for the future. Inside zone 1 artists sit and paint. They create live art which is absolutely astonishing to be part of. 

There wasn’t lots of food places but surrounding the markets are new restaurants who struggle with queues – but it works. The buskers, the art work and the restaurants have business due to an audience being brought to a unique product. The product grabs attention and then everything in the way is engaged with. Congratulations to everyone – because they are delivering an event not for tourists – it’s for locals. No tourists are here it’s more a “let’s party together…and live together…” I personally really think they are genius.


Murals in the markets will be something that will be in the area forever because of the art. So I’m excited for all for this event and for the future.

One thing to take away…

A community has came out of a storm. The people are happy in Detroit and I can see that all because of this event.


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