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Dreams…to go “left or right”

Go left or right – it’s a question many of us never think about. We are unaware that this question is a question we ask on a daily basis. Should I have lunch now, should I get on this bus or a later one, should I go here or there…by going “left or right” changes the rest of our life without us ever known. So why I am writing about this on my blog…read on and you will find out.


I fully believe there is a path written for all of us – but how we get there can depend on the decisions we make and the questions we ask. Should I go left or right? This is a concept I have been thinking about for a while really. But today with the blue skies of Chicago and the sun beating – I sit in a café. To cut a long story short I get talking to a girl who just made an amazing decision that led her to get a job in that café. We got talking because I was watching the whole thing play out on the table next to me. I said to her – life is about “going left or right…” We got talking about that concept. As she left and ran away from the crazy Scotsman she shouted back “remember left or right..” I laughed and realized I had to share the importance of taking risks.

Sometimes we become to comfortable. We are unaware of what taking risks can do for us. They can approve cultural appreciation, understanding of the fragility of life, growth our skills, push our abilities of opportunities; get a new job and so on. When was the last time you came out of your routine/ comfort zone and made a decision that was challenging you? I write this as I sit on a bus to Detroit when really I had nothing planned for Detroit but I wanted to see something different. I swapped these five days instead of going elsewhere and I have started to email people and now I have four meetings with major event personal in Detroit. Crushed on a greyhound bus with seats as solid as Sunday mass pews. But I actually do love the buses. However, there is an example of a “left or right”. Do I get the train or the bus. It was mainly down to cost but on a train you can’t get out for fresh air on the 6 hours journey, where as with a bus I can stand next to a petrol station pump for 5 minutes and breath in those fresh fossil fuels.

But I wanted to write this as a message to give focus that its good to be asking yourself questions when making decisions. They can increase opportunities and enhance possibilities. Or even you take leaps that you are not ready for but happen and create a new lease of life for you. I hope that there may be a possibility that after reading his blog you decide to do something.

Some more examples I have had that have changed my trip have included one night only a week back when I was eating my dinner to go to a comedy night (possibly to sign up to do the open mic) and I saw that a very popular BBC Radio 1 presenter was having a book signing in Chicago – so I looked at how to get there and it was going to take me 1 hour and 45 minutes and there was a high chance I would miss getting there. So, I went. I took the leap. To explain quickly. I missed him at the book store and he messaged me after I put up a story on Instagram to say they had left. So then being an absolute legend he said head to this restaurant where we can say hey! So I am already in the middle of no where and I jump in my only third ever Uber of my life and go in and meet Greg James and author Chris Smith – that was a cracking decision. Or the other one was when I was meant to be going to America’s Got Talent and I found out it was only the results – no performances – but I had tickets for Will and Grace. So I decided to go to Will and Grace and again to cut the story short – I got to meet Debra Messing the actress who plays Grace. Or when it comes to “should I send that message or not…” yes well its led to having meeting in venues in Zurich, press pass in Pamplona, Vancouver Tourism meetings, having a phone call with the Vice President of LA Tourism – it all means something.

Ask questions and take risks. Don’t get caught up in normal routine. Don’t miss out of an opportunity of possibly changing and enhancing your life. Yes, if it doesn’t work out maybe you need to adapt the approach but sometimes if you feel you should be asking the question maybe you should stop asking and just do it. That’s what I have done this whole trip and its worked out pretty nicely – but that’s always more questions and more “lefts and rights” that can be asked…




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