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Event 70: The Wedding Party…9 couples marrying each other sponsored by Pepsi

Have you ever heard about 9 weddings happening at the same time, festival feeling, sponsored by Pepsi and Stella Artois, some of the finest Denver restaurants giving out free food, Jack Daniels galore, ice sculptures and more…Nop neither have I until I was introduced to The Wedding Party…


What was the event?

What: Wedding Party

Where: Westminister Park

When: Sunday 1st September 2019

And so the story begins…

Sunday morning – I get the FF1 bus to Boulder. I’m getting off at Westminister 20 minute drive outside Denver. Lovely flat land welcomes me with a retail park of food and shops. It’s the only thing that breaks up the view to the mountains in the backdrop. I am about to witness and be part of something – rather spectacular. A wedding. But not just any wedding. A wedding that members of the public could buy tickets to go to. Clever – very. The idea was by a Denver events company who specialize in food and drink events. But I was introduced to the whole event by a great person called Allison who I had met earlier in the week and explained everything to me about the event, out me in touch with the organisers and BOOM – I’m volunteering. 

The event, The Wedding Party, I think is probably one of the best concepts I have witnessed on my journey. As a volunteer I had my black t-shirt on from the get go and it was time – to get lifting tables, chairs, moving food from delivery trucks – it was pleasantly chaotic but I was in my element. I was teamed with one of the crew Zac. He was a great guy and was laughing when I told him about my adventure. We were like the best team – throwing up (carefully) umbrellas tables and loading things like we were professionals – you would have thought both of us had done this before! In the space of 3 hours we got to know each other pretty well. We were laughing and joking like we were best buds from years gone past. Let me explain what the site looked like…


If Pepsi and Stella Artois were going to have a wedding – it would look just like that. And funnily enough both successful beverage companies sponsored the event. Umbrellas up and everywhere was iceboxes were Stella Artois. On arrival everyone got a Stella Artois glass.  I mean – WOW! Already guests are excited and they haven’t even seen the whole site.  There is photo opportunities with flower swings, ice sculptures and so on. The large marquee in the middle of the site was the heart of the event – it was fabulous to see – and already I could feel love and felt slightly emotional in the area at the center of the event.

Then came the moment that is usually reserved for only friends and families to see – the moment 9 couples walked down the aisle to connect together in love. Before they did there was, in my opinion, quite emotional videos that were really quite special to see, about why each person loved the other person. I’ll admit there was many tears falling from the eyes. Even before the brides and grooms were walking through the crowds it was all getting very loving. In terms of the next steps it was like just any other wedding…

Nine couples stood on a three feet up in the stage. The approx. 2000 people stood for 45 minutes watching the next steps of love. The “minister” or conveyor of love was the USA Bachelors one and only Ben something – sounds better than me googling his name….He did really great at engaging with the crowd but at the same time trying to ensure there was respect for the couples. Now its time – for the rings. Its time for the declaration of love. I can feel a wee tear in my eye, while I stood next to a Pepsi umbrella. I laughed as everyone said I do…or as the branding said “we do”.


It was about loving as a group – and it was very special. I mean yes it could be argued why should weddings be turned into a profit making concept in terms of large scale, 9 couples but actually for the enjoyment and “value for money” of what the guests and what the wedding parties got I must say – I think they achieved there goal.

After I was finished loading in the final tables and chairs post the service I was finished. It was time to go and find my own wife…I mean enjoy the party. And I did. Let’s discuss the food. It was exactly what I needed. Not have I not eaten for the last 7 months I have restricted my choice – so going around and being offered different and very good amount of food – as many as I wanted – dishes from Denvers finest restaurants I was winning. My aim was to roll out of there. However, it was uphill to exit the park so I didn’t want to roll. Instead I ate until I physically felt ready to leave. It was amazing! The units were all personalised and had great character. Put it this way it was a whose who that was there and some very fine restaurants giving out very fine food.


One thing to take away…

Love is not easy to understand but it’s easy to share. We were all allowed to be part of the celebration of 9 couples coming together and committing life to one another – that was special…


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