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Event 68: One Republic at Red Rocks Amphitheatre…YESSSSS! IS ALL I CAN SAY…

Running off my flight that has just arrived to Denver from LA I get on the train that is going to take me to Downtown Denver. I am rushing as I need to get in my first ever Rideshare LYFT to get 16 miles to Red Rocks. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is going to be my next event – One Republic…LIVE.


What was the event?

What: One Republic live in Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Where: Red Rocks – Denver

When: 27 August 2019

Let the story begin…

My ticket is on my phone through a very interesting app to me Flash Ticket App. Its got every event going on in Denver and Colorado…and now its got my tickets to allow me to experience, see and enjoy One Republic in Red Rocks. So lets enjoy the story – to experience a live performance by my favourite band at the moment. A band whose music talents more than singing – its about the writing and the performance. It was…WOW….

Red Rocks is in the middle of absolutely no where. Behind the photo its like desert and land that only wild dogs roam (just kidding but the LYFT driver did say don’t walk at night here…). Its uniqueness is slightly the first thing that strikes me – that the queue of “Uber” cars to drop people off and cars heading for the car parks. Its crazy for sure as we sit in the queue rising higher and higher. “Warning thin air” should be the sign welcoming people – I certainly feel it as my lungs adjust to the special height that meets you in Denver and now Red Rocks.


As I jump out the Lyft car I am ready for the journey. The journey in – I am asked do I have anything in my pockets and walk in. The ticket is scanned from the app and watching everyone around me I feel like an outsider – firstly they all have friends and then – there’s me. But I am used to it now. They know what there doing and obviously members of the Red Rock appreciation society.

Due to the fact I have just landed I was pretty tired – so I grabbed some pizza and I let a few people infront of me because there friends were infront of me. But they then offered to buy me a beer. HOW LOVELY OF THEM…I’ll have three I said – just kidding I don’t drink. Instead i had water and then a one pizza for $11 – the views out weigh the price of food.

Here is some facts for Red Rocks:

  • Red Rocks gets its colouring from iron oxide
  • Up until 1997 the venue was BYOB (Bring your own bottle).
  • U2 filmed the concert “Under a Blood Red Sky” in 1983.
  • Red Rocks was discovered during an army expedition in 1820…fun facts!

The view…YESSSSSSSS….I am on row 14. Wow – what a view. Looking around its special with the sea of people surrounding me. The stage is WOW and the concert hasn’t even began. I am in awe. Can I conclude right now that this venue is probably the most unique venue I have seen of all of my journey – yes. Red Rocks is more than a venue – it’s a spectacle. This is all before the fact the band who are about to grace the stage are…”WOW!” One Republic are actually (KIND OF) a local band from Colorado Springs (down the road) so tonight was like a homecoming.


One Republic are now global titans who have accomplished added some amazing titles to their name. Ryan, the leader singer, is an established songwriter who has wrote some of the biggest number one songs for other artists including Adele and Beyonce. He played songs including “Rumour Has It” by Adele and “Halo” by Beyonce…as the whole crowd danced and got into probably one of the best live gigs I have ever experienced.

I literally could not believe where I was, who I was watching and tstill trying to catch my breath as I was extremely high like over 6435 feet. But the concert was just outstanding. Music was an absolute dream to hear and with an interval it let me get my breath back – from somewhere – to then enjoy a second half that included some of the most amazing One Republic songs including “Rescue me” (new song) and “Good Life”.


Everyone was dancing as I said – but here’s my observations about concerts. When people film it, like i mean the whole concert, what will they actually ever do with it. To the man just to the right of me 4 rows down I hope he somehow enjoyed the concert – but I doubt it as he was literally filming the whole thing. But I hope he enjoys it. But other people had there arms high in the air – or they held the arms, hands and shoulders of the loved ones they were with today.

Was this the best organised concert I have experienced on this adventure – yes for sure. Everyone knew information about the venue (not that I asked the same question but I did). The toilets smelled good (they were inside the museum under the main lobby holding outside area). The staff were approachable. There was a good “get out” strategy for “LYFT” pick ups and so on…And remember its in the middle of no where. So yes – I loved it…


One thing to take away…

Concerts are ways of escaping. Constructing this experience is of course difficult but without a doubt it was seemless. Loved it and it was on my bucket list…


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