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47 blogs in 47 days…

I set myself an impossible,  unrealistic, absolutely bizarre, crazy and unique challenge – to do a project that would take me “Around the World in 80 Events.” As I sit in Denver Library I literally have a tear in my eye because after 5 years of planning – the journey of going and experiencing the events is almost over. Sitting myself in restaurants, boarding planes, being asked for my ticket at stadiums and so on…is almost finished.

(this was when I was 100 days from the adventure…)

Two years ago when I stayed in Northampton I wrote out a mind map. Colourful pens, a lot of side points and abstract ideas – some were mental. On the right of the poster was “Around the World in 80 Events”. This mind map had all my visions, dreams and ambitions on the wall. I remember sitting one day on my bed staring at it. Saying I need to live these dreams. These need to be done. I remember thinking about how I would get there – well I didn’t really know the pathway – but each step came into place. I stepped then stepped again and ran. Fast. But not too fast.

These blogs I write for the next 47 days will be the last blogs I will write on this adventure. Some of them will be emotional stories and moments from earlier in the adventure that I have never shared, some event stories specifically, 12 of them will be the events I attend until I finish the journey, some of them will about venues, hostels and hostels and so one. I want to share everything I can for the purpose of highlighting the amazing journey this been and also to reflect!

(the final countdown was on…)

I remember when I got to about event 34 I was starting to struggle and think – what I am doing. I wasn’t motivated. The more work I put in to achieve 80 events would make the whole journey even sweeter – this is what I needed to keep remembering. Putting together a program that was diverse and allowing me to share the story as much as I could – crazy eh? Just think you are reading a blog about a person that dreamed about exploring in the 21st century…lets explore that idea….

I went to towns and countries that had no internet and I loved being lost. When was the last time you got lost and explored? I get lost a lot and it’s the best thing – because I can learn about the environment that I am walking through. Yes, these days there is areas we don’t go to because its dangerous but sometimes walking along the city centre or going to an event without distractions can give you a different perspective to understand. If you have ever done it you will know the beauty of what can manifest. You can discover and appreciate certain elements you most certainly have never thought of before. Since the 4th of February each street I have walked I have discovered a new thing and I can’t wait to bring all that back, construct it in my mind and produce the most amazing journey ever written by a someone who was not meant to write a book but instead I’ll have more than one – to inspire others to live their dreams. Because for the next 47 days I promise I will write everything that I have felt and experienced to give you just a snippet…

Enjoy – “47 blogs in 47 days…”

The journey ain’t over its just beginning…



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