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Event 65: Price is Right…the queue was the best and the worst part…

The recording a game show is the purpose of this blog – but the actual story was about people I met. So instead of being the main focus of a over produced quite a false production I wanted to talk about the queue and the fact that for 6 hours I got to meet some amazing people.


What was the event?

What: Price is Right recording  

When: 20th August 2019 

Where: CBS Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles

And the story begins… 

The Price is Right is an institutional TV programme. It’s a very American production – like fake energy being created from an audience that 30 minutes before were as quiet as mouse while sitting in their custom made t-shirts in the areas that were solid wooden benches. Let me explain the audience some of them were lovely and some were just by far interesting…It was people who had set out this was going to be the highlight of there year – just to get a shot to watch the show and even have a shot to become a contestant. Some people there were there for birthdays, anniversairies, bridal parties and some were there because they love Drew Carey – I mean I get it. But let me introduce you to being an audience member. 

–       11:45am – arrive to the front of CBS Studios

–       11:46am – met the most amazing couple Bob and Anne. 

–       11:47am – we get through the security detector. And then…we sit.

–       I sat talking to Bob for a long period of time. I think he probably was bored – actually I know he wasn’t because he told me he wasn’t. Around us the production team were sitting on there phones having lunch. I observed everything – but the blog is not going to tell everything. 

–       Forms to be filled out which was 6 pages with 42 separate bullet points. ome of the points included regarding the person chosen has to pay federal and state taxes on the prizes they win. You had to be an American citizen – which I get I only thought I would be an audience member anyway.


  • 1pm – given a sticker name tag – very exciting
  • 1:05pm – I then start talking to Nita and Steve (more about them in a bit…)
  • Time passes
  • We are given the opportunity to get a photo with a green screen – Price is Right studio is then photoshopped on the back. And sold to you for $20 clever fan engagement – cause a lot of people were purchasing for memories – but by this point it was holding area after holding areas in 36 degrees with shade provided.
  • Holding area selling over priced food 
  • Phones taken off – that was a process that was not really well managed.
  • Sometimes announcements and the shown of the TV program to hype excitement…I was excited only because of my new friends
  • CBS guest services trying there best to keep us updated but then eventually they gave in and just had a seat.
  • More engagement could be included in their holding areas for sure – and the production/ on camera audience staff – remember everyone is there because they love the show to have that same enthusiasm. 
  • Producers then arrive before we go to the final area.
  • We are asked to stand at the fence and “where we from…” and “what you do…” 10 seconds each person. Suddenly everyone had character…from somewhere
  • We move to final area.
  • We are then taken in to the audience area the lights was amazing.
  • Encouraged to have more energy than every battery ever produced. I felt some people had just touched electric cable for extra effect or the seats are electrified..

A lot of points to discuss for sure there – that is exactly the journey of the production of creating an audience. One thing we were advised was in the mornings taping they were 120 short. 120! The company On Camera Audience had text people – rent a crowd (paid) basically – to try and get the show filmed but they were still short. But for me the show and my experience wasn’t made by the going to see the show but the audience. I have so many things that could be improved to ensure everyone who attends has the best experience – which will be broadened in the best selling book of 2020 – “Around the World in 80 Events: The Journey”….


One thing I did see that I will share was the switch of a contestant by the Producer who earlier went through each over exciteable audience member. At the last minute they changed the prompt cards of who was going on and they rewrote a name. When the whole audience is watching probably make it slightly less obvious – and especially when the CBS security guards know the young man who was up and high fiving and hugging him after the show – it was slightly staged and then the name of the name who was about to be picked was not hidden away…

However, let me focus on what happened in the queue. Friendships blossomed. This is why my adventure is special – because of friendships. As I said I met some people – but let me introduce you to Nita. Nita, I will not disclose her age, but has been a fan of the TV show for years and flew for the first time flight for the first time from Phoenix Arizona. We had a laugh from the start to the end when we parted but something was special about this encounter. Her grandson Steve wanted to ensure Nita had a great day – which I found absolutely beautiful to hear. She was all smiles and we had a great laugh as we sat as if we were sitting on a bleacher waiting to be called on for a substitution at a basketball match. I was buzzing to be part of Nita’s day. She just had something really lovely and we got on so much! Unfortunately we didn’t get a photo together but with Bob and Anne we got a picture and when I get to Detroit, where they are from were having tea! YESSS! 

This was why I wanted to complete a journey like this – the unknown beautiful conversations. The moments of stories that from different generations can teach me so much and they do. I love talking to someone in a queue because you never know who that person is. Some queue conversations are epic and some you are hoping the queue would end – but for me on this day I wish we could have sat chatting away, Nita, Steve, Anne, Bob and myself.


One thing to take away…

Talking is an important part of humanity. Don’t loose it or think that talking to randoms is weird – its important because you never know you could make thats persons day!


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  1. Matthew: I so enjoyed meeting you, finding your blog, and reading of your adventures. We were blessed to have spent the day with you at TPIR taping. That endless day was made so much more tolerable and most interesting by our conversations and your insights. We look forward to time together in Detroit. I’ll cook! Travel well!

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