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6 months achieved…

What a journey so far. I know I keep saying it but writing something that had never been written before is quite exciting to write. When anyone has an idea – there is no understanding of where and what will be the end result. Six months ago I sat on a flight going to New Zealand. Arriving in at 1am – it was about to begin. 7 hours later I was at my first event. The journey began. 59 events later I sit in a coffee store in the middle of a very quiet but actually hustling and bustling summer resort called Kelowna in Canada. I reflect on the time and the course I have taken and trying to understand the next steps.


Understanding. That is something to ponder. To understand everything I have partaken in will probably take some time. But in the last six months I have learned a lot. From learning how to cook, setting myself laundry schedules, reading Turkish bus timetables and dealing with plane delays – and also understanding the best methods of travelling – there is so many secrets…

When I began studying events in 2009 never did I think 10 years later I would be on a project that would see me meeting tourism bodies, CEO’s of Venues, volunteering with the events teams in Christchurch and volunteering at the World Largest Offshore Competition – Honda Celebration of Light – to name literally just a snapshot of what I have been involved in throughout the adventure. I always say education is not in the classroom, locked in four walls, its when you walk into an arena and get spoken through how the pillars are used to build a community spirit or how spaces are manufactured to ensure that people can walk around and feel they can stand wherever they want to watch the baseball.

Everyday is a new unknown challenge. Not getting the response to an email I wanted or even get any response. Sending average 40 emails a day, writing blogs, travelling, moving to accommodations, researching more events to attend, visit and so on. Someone asked me “why could you not just get a job that takes you around the world…” On reflection in six months there is absolutely no job that I would get an experience like this.

To think that 7 years ago the dream was a dream. In 2 months and 2 weeks the journey in practical sense is over. The reality though is – it is just the beginning. To stand in cities I have been able to soak up the atmosphere, the cities and the pollution (at times) I really pinched myself and covered my mouth and not breath. 27 countries have been achieved. Over 45 different towns or cities have been experienced, museums, stadiums galore and even at times on the back of a scooter – which was a breathtaking experience.

Sitting in a cricket stadium in India has got to be one of the most “pinch me” moments. I could not really believe I was part of such a spectacle and fortunate to experience what cricket in India is really like. Two months later I was standing at the finish line of Stage 8 of the Tour De France. Again 10 years ago I never even imagined this to be the case. I thought I would just be working in events – not trying to shape the future of events – so…the next 2 months is about finishing off what I began.


Let me now say that when this is finished I have proven one thing…anyone can live a dream when they put there mind to it and focus on achieving the end goal. So if you are reading this and you have a dream. Whether its to write a book, travel, learn Spanish – what is stopping you. I didn’t think (actually a lot of people didn’t think) that going to 27 different countries in the space of 8 months and 2 weeks would ever be possible – but I have done it (and still doing it) and loved it at each step of the way.

Go and live your dream today – and when you do inspire one other person to go and live there dream…

So are you ready for the next 2 months – lets go people TELL EVERYONE THE JOURNEY IS ABOUT TO TAKE OFF!



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