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Event 42: Organ Concert in Budapest…

I purchased my ticket for this event 2 weeks back. I thought it would be lovely to experience something very special in St Stephens Bascilla.

What was the event?


Organ concert series in St Stephens Basilica. The venue was and is a church but for select dates throughout the year it becomes an opportunity to diversify the venue and create an evening of art.


What happened at the event?

At the front desk the area was quite frantic. When I came up the steps to the beautiful archway and the welcome met me – I was met with a gentleman in north balance trainers, ankle soaks and pair of shorts. Unfortunately it wasn’t the look I don’t think most of the crowd were probably wanting. I like new balance trainers but maybe not for an organ concert.

All different languages surrounded me – those from Spain, French, English and so on. Many different age groups bought into this experience. For Budapest this was a place of importance. The basilica was a proper tourist attraction. So it is busy all the while.  

Two ushers were taking people back and forth. Hundreds of people to facilitate but they were giving a personal welcome and taking them to the areas to sit. No seat numbers of rows just areas. It was a different way of laying out seating but it worked. As I sat in my category three seats looking just in awe at the beauty of this chapel I was pinching myself at being able to see and experience this amazing event.


At 8pm the church bells struck as the lights came up to allow the sight of the beautiful alter. The crowd wowed as the lights got brighter and brighter. The seats creaking as people turning to enjoy and appreciate the full beauty. Literally the seats were creating like it was a crescendo in an orchestra. For me I sat facing the front just in awe. The concert and show had not began but already for me the show was everything more than just an organ.

At 8:01pm the concert begins. The organist walked on. One of the ushers became the page turner for his music. And it began. The noise raised the hairs off my arms. No welcome from the musician. The music did all the talking. No one to say good evening. Piece by piece it was an enjoyable evening of listening to music in one of the most beautiful surroundings. The organist was joined by a flute player whose abilities were breathtaking. At the end of each performance the flute player would exit stage right after taking a bow. On his second performance he then exits and this man walks on. He is stooped over. But the positioning of his body and his electrified grey hair standing arisen was like watching the cast of The Adams Family. And then with no introduction…he began.

The Basilica was already quiet. But now it was deadly quiet. No noise could be heard. No breath could be felt. The hairs stood higher as his voice reached the wood trusses of the basilica and caused them to stand to attention. It was beautiful. It was art. No matter what anyone says even someone who may love punk would love this mans voice. Ava marie was the song of choice and for me a tear of my left eye dropped. Goose bumps were evacuating my arms.

The concert lasted for one hour and 10 minutes. The evening had a sense of tourist to it but also musical delightful ness. It was beautiful just seeing, hearing and feeling each moment of music. I was absolutely taken aback from the music. It was an organ. I mean what can you really do with an organ – well tonight proved quite a lot…

It was amazing. It was speculation. And it was event number 42.

One thing to take away…

The different styles of customer service globally is an interesting thing to observe. No matter what and where I am – I am always flabbergasted that events can have a different way of creating a memorable experience – good or bad…


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