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Event 41: Bullfighting – make it illegal…simple

Please be aware some of this may be upsetting to read – but the killing of a bull is not right…

I have shed a tear writing this blog. This is not just been difficult – this has questioned my thoughts about who thinks culture over animal abuse is priority. Madrid what are you doing? Wake up! Stop bull fighting. Stop anything to do with bulls. Now…simple.

This will not be a normal blog. This is a plea and an open letter into the disgusting and inhumane activity that Bull fighting is. I watched for 20 minutes until the first bull was killed and I was able to leave (as the doors were locked). Why were people clapping when the matador taunted the animal into a state of confusion? As soon as I watched the bull enter I needed to leave – but as I said the doors were locked and it began. It became a chamber of human behaviour which was outrageous to watch and felt like watching and being part of Gladiators in the Roman era. I sat in an arena that can hold just short of 24,000 people. I sat in disbelief. I sat alone in a thought of moral wrongdoing.

Thousands of “well dressed” Spaniards surrounded me watching this entertainment. Not on my watch. Police with guns guarded the ring just in case anyone wanted to jump across and stop the bull fighting. Firstly – it shows the priority they have to protect the show rather than think about there actions. This party has to stop. However, this is politics. And politics is winning to keep this barbaric sport alive.

The debate for banning anything to do with bull’s has been going on for years. The EU has been involved in this debate. In 2015 they voted against giving money to farmers who breed bulls for fighting. This was a quote taken from The Humane Society’s International branch statement after the vote:

“We applaud the fact that MEPs have sent a clear signal to the European Commission and EU Member States that it is unacceptable for EU funds to be used to finance any part of an industry that involves the torture of sentient animals for public entertainment,”.

Sanctions on how long a bull can be travelling in Spain for, how heavy they can be, the transportation of horses and so on began the restrictions on bullfighting. In 2013 Catalonia banned Bull fighting. Government incentives and financial backings depending on who the government is (which is a massive manifesto pledge that can sway traditional Spaniards) has been viewed as the only reason that the sport is still existing in 2019, especially in Madrid. In 2018 it was reported it was beneficial to the Madrid area due to an economical boost of 73 million euros and 620,000 spectators throughout the San Isidro Feria, which was what I experienced last night. The “sport” traces back to 711AD. But wake up Madrid this is 2019. This is not sport. This is not art. This is not culture. This is animal abuse being used as entertainment.

Matadors, you know the ones that stand tall, glamorous and are treated like rock stars – oh and also the ones who kill the animals for entertainment are reportedly paid 100,000 Euros for each bull fight. Many of them have sponsorship deals. However, once upon a time it used to be a dream for a young Spaniard to be a matador. Now it is hard to really get involved due to the restrictions. In 2008 there was 1,000 bull fights nationwide. In 2010 that went to 800. However, in 2019 Madrid is the only province to legally allow bull fighting to take place.

Economically the venue at Las Ventas in Madrid can be changed into a music venue easily and create the most amazing concerts and memories for all to enjoy. Instead I watched a bull being pierced with mental rods and collapse to its feet. Not on. Not entertainment. Not anything to clap about. Do I think all Madrid citizens support this? No. Do I think those inside the venue need there morals checked? Most certainly.

Animals have no way to say they do not want to be part of this. Not only is bulls put through this stress the horses are also put through a torturous time. They run, they jump and they can be hurt, tragically in a lot of cases, by the bulls horns.  This is wrong. This is not an event that in 2019 should be bought into. Many tourists who were near were I was sitting also left. One lady was visibly upset. To all the other Spaniards who just bought nuts and watched the fight like it was back to 711AD – where is your remorse?

Many reading this will be reading my blog for the first time and thinking well why did you go if you feel so strongly. As part of my journey and adventure I am going to 80 events around the world. I am trying to see, experience and understand the different type of events that this world has. I had to – to make this adventure challenge the entertainment industry- not just go to events that are perfect, happy and fluffy. I needed to experience controversial events, which I now have and it has sparked something deep inside me. I am furious – as you may be able to tell – that Madrid has allowed this event to go on. I am going to two other “culturally engrained events” which use animals in July and I feel my body will most probably be boiling even further by then.

To the matadors – when you come out into the arena and you make the sign of the cross on the top of the horse and you await to pierce the body of an innocent animal so that you can take a lap of honour and be called a hero and one day have a statue erected of you…I hope you go to confession. I hope you understand what you do. I hope one day your kids and grandkids will question you and make you realise what you did – was absurd.

I think I have got my point across. I think that if you are reading this you feel the same as me. I will be sending this blog and a photo – which I am not putting on the website of the bull in the middle of the ring – to members of the Spanish Government, Madrid Council, the Mayor, Spanish Tourism – I will make sure this post will be seen by as many people who support this but also just as many who are against. Animals being used in entertainment is not entertainment. Let me get that across. Don’t just say “this is not on” do something today! Stop this today. End bullfighting now.

# no hash tag needed just stop it.

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