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Oh We’re Halfway There…(almost)

As Bon Jovi’s song goes the 40th event is upon us. EXCITING! Can you believe it. Let me share with you the inside story of where/ what and how I got here…


It was 2012. It was a sunny day. I sat in a lecture. The night before I had a dream about the idea of travelling the world to go to events. The next day I sat and doodled the idea. It was simple. I would have a BBC documentary crew with me and I would talk about events. What could be so hard about that. 6 years later and a lot of doodling I booked the first flight on the 25th of May 2018. I remember running to the back garden and saying to my mum “well I’ve done it…” there was excitement and surprise that I was now going. Had I really thought about all the logistics before I booked the first flight no chance. But it was happening. Always before booking the flight I knew that this type of project had never been done before. Many people have done “Around the World in 80…” projects but never events. There was on a bike, in a car, on a boat…80 trees…but never – ever events. So I want to be the first person to do it. I want to be able to say I generated an idea that has sparked conversations, created change in the industry and has showed that anything is possible if you have a dream.

Dream. That’s exactly what this all was. In 2011 I wrote a “philosophy” called the Double Decker Bus philosophy. That whole idea was about understanding your dream destination and driving there. Whether it’s job, life goal, hobbie achievements and so on – it’s all about getting there. I was telling everyone to go and live there dream. I would get all my students who I taught in college to draw a double decker bus…but I was not living my own. Then. One day. It all happened. But the moral of the story at this point is your destination is yours and it’s only you who can achieve it.

For 9 months the planning for the adventure was everyday. It was constant. I was boring everyone about it. But I was never stopping. I didn’t have time to not plan. The route was constantly being adapted but then by August I had a basic overview. Come October it was kind of all set. However, during the planning some events were changing dates or locations. But I had booked flights and accommodation so it was about discovering alternative plans. I was awake until sometimes at midnight constantly typing and sending emails, booking things. Could I do too much planning no way…planning included how was I getting from airports, currencies, visas and even food choices – and for everyone that knows me know that was always a challenge.


As I neared a month to go I had completed education tours of some universities I had visited. I was honoured to be able to visit, speak and try to inspire others to think about their dreams. Sometimes it can boring to listen to a guest lecture but from singing, dancing and getting them to draw a double decker bus I tried my best. I tried to allow others to vision there dreams. What is a dream? Well, it’s a possible achievement that is thought of in a way of impossibilities –  but it will happen when hard work is put in to it.

How we have got to 40 – the answer is just constantly being on the go. I’ve been told “I was telling everyone too much about my travels” well that’s my journey is all about. It’s about sharing. It’s about discovering. It’s about seeing different things and sharing those learning experiences. With another 40 events to go it can only go bigger. I wake up some mornings and think what am I doing. But then I stand at the Music Video Festival or see George Ezra in Brussels and I realise I am fortunate.

Each time I get to an event I get lost. But that’s fun. Each day I don’t know what to wear or eat. But that’s the joys of travelling. Each day sometimes I’m not sure if I want to see another historical building – but I’m never going to probably see it again.

What was the purpose of this blog – well…I’m half way through achieving 80 events. I am each moment closing to finishing my dream. But I’m a second, minute, hour, day, week and month closer to starting a new dream. Like everyone is. But sometimes we are all too scared. Don’t be scared be excited. I didn’t know what to expect with the first 40 events and I certainly have no idea what to expect with the next 40…

Also – a big thank you to the people who regularly check in…you’s know you are and grateful for the reminders to eat well. To those that read this blog – thank you. It’s down to you the blog has had thousands of views – so let’s keep the journey going!


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