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Event 20: Cherry Blossoms Festival…Blooming Lovely

378BFA4A-37CB-4422-9E20-88DEC57B6F1EBlossoms Festival

Blooming brilliant and beautiful…admiring the sheer beauty of the pink blossoms of Tokyo was amazing. The event was more than just the use of nature it was the culture of Japan coming out to enjoy a spectacular sight for all to behold…

What was the event?

Blossom Festivals in Tokyo was in full bloom – as the whole of Japan experiences the blooming of Cherry Blossoms and enjoys everything that goes with it. This event was along the river as I observed, participated and stood in awe to watch the most magical natural beauty in front of me…


What happened at the event?

Going in a one way direction the event was all about looking up to the sky. The branches were bleeding with absolute beauty of the blossoms fully blossomed through the Tokyo skyline. In different areas of Tokyo blossoms were blooming with lights adding to the spectacle. The whole event is something that every tour book tells you too experience and I did just that!

Heading to Kitanomaru Park at 19:45 and I could hear the crowds talking as I climbed over the bridge and could see the lights shining on to the skies of Tokyo. Click Click Click is all I could hear and see as the cameras captured the blossoms off of the branches. The event focuses on nature. But with groups of people basing themselves along the seating areas with bottles of wine, food and fruit and sitting in their suits – it was for the Japanese more than just trees.

Only lasting for a few short weeks the event that I see before me and appreciating has become so much more. It is culturally way of life for the few short weeks when the Cherry Blossoms fully bloom. The event has a few further points that demostrates the impact the Blossoms have on Japan.

Commercial brands including – Nestle – Kitkat especially, Starbucks, Lawson and Family Mart to name a few change brand packaging and create themed promotions in the weeks of Blossom season. This shows the success of linking with something so embedded in culture and that can have a positive effect on economical spending on there brands. Integration of both events and commercialization is alive and well in a country that also international tourism is on the rise. This is due to some visa rules being relaxed, which has allowed Japan’s neighbours enter with more ease.

In 2018 it was reported that an estimated 600,000 extra visitors specifically from China spending approx.. 8 Billion Yen ($1.3 billion dollars) would visit specifically for Blossoms Festival, highlighting the importance of tapping into different global markets to create opportunity and more tourists to enter the country. This is not just getting a picture perfect well lit photo of trees for instagram. This is a constructed natural event that as above suggests is so much more.


Anything else happen at the event?

Where I went was opened for 10 days with a “headquarters”, “information stand” and a full on event operation. It was well constructed and the lights – as you can see from the photos – made the walking about the perfect place to run your battery down on your camera or phone. In total I experienced something that is special for locals and international visitors. However, researching about the blossoms actually was interesting that this year the blossoms started budding earlier than scheduled. Warm winter in Japan now resulted in blossoms blooming possibly in middle to end of March – which they did. But the Japan Meteorological Corporation had the latest flowering forecast maps for everyone to ensure that they could get there trip to Japan correct and ensure they would experience this natural beauty in full bloom.

This event highlights the importance of embracing nature. It shows the importance of integration with an event making businesses, cities and tourism statistics improved year on year – all because of nature. Its about developing and creating more opportunities for the future.

One thing to take away…

Although it was constructed with lights and opportunities to enjoy blossoms from the water the event is special. To walk about at my own pace and although being pushed in the back only a few times I was able to experience what I see on the front of every Japanese Tour Book…

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