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Event 17: A Masterclass with Matthew Peter Lamb

Talking one of my best skills…talking in front of people is something I enjoy – so I may as well do it as I explore the world!


What was the event? 

A “masterclass” given by me at Shanghai. Masterclass or lectures of chosen subjects are growing. This event was on the 20th of March in Shanghai…

What happened at the event? 

Standing in front of students from Shanghai was an honour. To be standing in one of the best rooms they had to lecture in the university was quite a accomplishment. Literally I pinch myself when I think of what I’m doing or where I am going and now me standing in front of students who don’t know me but listening to the journey I am on to hopefully inspire there own journey. 

The lecture was about telling people about my adventure. But I also wanted to get them to think about their dreams. This was six months in the planning. I was introduced to the lecturer responsible for events, Tony by a mutual friend. But that’s what this adventure really is all about – developing my network and building a diverse network. 

It was the first time I had really engaged in a speaking piece about the project since I had began the project. I already was thinking where do I start? What will I include? What will make it enjoyable? What is relevant? I literally have hundreds of stories so how do you start to pick the “right” ones? I decided to give a focus on what is an event? This question is exactly what I am trying to answer. And the way I was reflecting on what I was saying and where I had been the more I was starting to rink will that question ever be answered. 

But the one point I do want to make is I was billed as a “visiting expert”. In no way I am an expert. But I was also asked about being an events professional. What defines a professional? When does someone by an expert is their field and able to inspire or talk in depth about a subject? Is their an answer? This is something you see in the events world quite common. “Masterclasses”, “expert…” you pay money to see some of these and apparently they give you something special. Questionable. Proven results outweigh structured opinions. Combination of both for sure would give a positive lecture or masterclass. This is therefore the point – the gathering of people to listen to someone speak has become extremely popular. Some of this is due to the birth of social influencers…but that’s another argument. All I would say is if the speak tries to say “they are the best and they cannot learn anything more”…leave at the interval. 


Anything else happen at the event? 

I asked a very interesting question. How do you reflect? I was impressed by this question because for me reflection is so important but is there ever a right answer? Does anyone know how to reflect correctly? What does reflection do? Well – during this trip reflection for me has been about thinking about what I see, what I learn, what I am discovering and so on. This trip is all about advancing in learning and my knowledge. To gain this you need to think. I showed during the presentation my notebook and my laptop. I showed all the research I collected. All the data. I had my notebook with few mind-maps (surprise surprise). But reflection will keep occurring probably for the next 20 years with me reflecting on – everything at different stages and different places – which is fine.

I wanted to include this as an event because I believe that this event – has done what other events do – brought people together and discussed the events industry – which hopefully will have a positive impact for the future.

One thing to take away…

To speak about this journey is great. To do it on a global scale is an absolute honour. The more opportunities I get like this the luckier I know I am to be living this dream…


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  1. Wish I’d been there to hear you speak. You are an inspiration

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