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Event 15: Maroon 5. I slightly moved like Jagger!

The band with the name of a colour plus a number…yes that’s right ladies and gentleman on this episode please find the blog of all blogs – that time I experienced Maroon 5 in concert in Bangkok.

What was the event?

Maroon 5 performing on the 9th of March 2019 in Impact Arena Challenger 1 Hall in Bangkok…the global tour was taking them all over Asia and I was fortunate enough to be able to experience what it was like to be in the middle of thousands of screaming Maroon 5 fans in Bangkok.

What happened at the event?

At 1pm I decided to make the trek to the arena. The venue was 14 miles out of Bangkok – which may not seem much but add Bangkok traffic and you may as well have taken a packed lunch and some light dinner – just for the journey. I knew that the arena space had 7 events on that day and night. This meant the place was going to be chaotic – and it was. With that off I went. It took me an hour and 20 minutes to get there on a journey that should be – 30 minutes…(but also my taxi driver needed the loo so we had to make an unscheduled 5 minute break).

After being dropped into the middle of the arena area and no idea where I was – it was time to pick up my ticket. The picture of below was going to allow me to gain access to the event and then once I was checked by security I got my blue wristband put around my wrist. This identified the area I was in but personally made me be part of the event. It was the start of my journey at the concert. Having a wristband around your wrist does something – its priceless it gives you a sense of “I am here!” Outwith the security and within the area for encountering – the concert I was met with different photo opportunities. Boyfriends were being ordered to take the perfect Instagram photo for there girlfriend and being instructed of the correct angle. It was hilarious and actually I was having more fun watching that than being excited for Maroon 5. One girl I think requested probably about 20 different styles of photo before her boyfriend could eat his hotdog that was sitting on the floor.

When you watch Youtube and you sing along with your favourite band – its just a regular day. You sing when comes on in the radio, maybe you sing in your head when sitting on the train but when you go to a concert – to see them, listen to them, feel them, the build up – its special. You get lost in a moment of high spirits constructed for real purpose by the band. Music concerts are a main source for artists to gain income, which means the show needs to be good and the demand needs to be there. Concerts are triggers for more than just a performer standing. Add lights, add direction to engagement, add sponsor activations and suddenly you have constructed consumption…


This was exactly what was happening. I was walking along a pathway of engagement that numerous organisations wanted me to stop for a few minutes at a time. From Budweiser, Bangkok Bank, Thai Airlines and so on…This was all before I stood in a static position waiting for the stage to light up and me being able to sing like I was a Adam Levine wannabe.

A warm up DJ was on the stage. Now…I am not Pete Tong but this guy was great at pressing the buttons but unfortunately he didn’t really engage or creating the exciting environment within this canvas of an exhibition hall. He was missing everything a warm up performer maybe should possess. But really there was no need for this CD playing warm up act because as we all stood statically for a few hours – with my legs becoming impatience – it was time – time for the main star attraction.

At 9pm – a whole 8 hours after I had started my journey – Maroon 5 came onto the stage to a reception that can only be described as being swept off my feet. The noise and the fans surrounding me singing (shouting to each song) was slightly overwhelming so I just sang with them. Within 15 minutes you could feel a buzz about the hall. The energy from the crowd was amazing. Adam Levinesimply is a great performer and Maroon 5 – they know what to do.

Anything else to add?

Performing does things for people and for me it was creating a special experience to celebrate and remember. We are for 1 hour and 20 minutes being controlled by an American Band were we sing to the songs live that we hear on the radio, they were controlling us emotionally, they had us replying to the bits they wanted us to in the songs and with all of this means we were at more than just a music concert.

Songs having different meanings to different people – everyone in their had there own moments of personal connection. And now…the experience was over. For an hour and 20 minutes I didn’t think about anything else. I didn’t think about my trip or any worries of life – because something more than a music concert had me singing, dancing and enjoying myself.

I could have spoke about ticket queues, customer journey, getting home (which was hilarious – put it this way I jumped a bike with a family from Thailand who took me 3km away from the venue and grabbed me a taxi because all the taxis were charging 4 times the amount outside the venue…I know there never read this but thinks Pim and Wong – legends!) but this blog was about immersing myself at a concert.

One thing to take away?

What do you immerse yourself in that gives you a feeling of freedom and allows you – to be you? What allows you to sing, dance, be free, dream, think the way you want to think…When did you last do it? Go on – do it today or tomorrow or even soon! Cause that’s what Maroon 5 did for me.

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  1. Loved this section of the blog although I did start to worry about your journey home!!!! Way to go Pim & Wong x

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