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Event 14: Furniture galore…If you ever need a new chair, bed or washing machine

9265CB6E-6042-4819-AD39-8FBE76F6173B.jpegWell as I came to Bangkok I wasn’t sure what events I would attend but after two days of just relaxing in the hotel and eating Pizza I managed to find a place that you could buy a rug, a wedding dress, clothing, TV and a seat – so grab a cup of hot coco and read your favourite travel events investigative reporter…me – Matt Lamb…as I go and explore – The annual Bangkok Furniture Fair 

I suppose Furniture would create a home so you could play music – maybe the song…”she will be loved…”

What was the event?

The event was the Furniture Fair, Wedding Fair and every other type of fair – under one roof in the Impact Arena in Bangkok on the 2 – 10 March – I was there on Friday the 8th of March and it had just opened for the day.

What happened at the event?

The exhibitors were pulling the cloths off of the exhibits and there structures. Now for them it was time to get in the game – and get ready to sell. This was a free event to walk into to as it is a consumer trade exhibition and basically it was about buying everything you would need to live. From TVs, Seats, Washing Machines, all white goods, engagement rings and wedding dresses…perfect – where do I start? 


This was an annual event and  had over 6 different functions to the fair. The organisers World Fair Company state on the website it was the “most variety of public consumer products to meet the needs of the audience…” And it was perfect. If I wasn’t travelling the world I could have purchased everything I would need to have a clean home, clean cloths, a wedding dress, food from my shopping list even a trolley for my shopping – everything. I would even pop my head into the Garden and Pet Expo in the fair…it was that mega.

Its funny that when I have been researching events – Asia has a lot of Fairs. They seem to be something that people:

 one) enjoy going to,

two) products sell 

three) it keeps consumption on a personal basis…

 Oh what does this mean – well…the consumers can purchase directly from brands, stall holders, suppliers and not through a website with no personal touch. I watched people engaging with the product. Sitting down, relaxing, trying out the beds (I didn’t do that unfortunately) but also the seller getting to know the consumer. When does Amazon really care about you. That is why for me consumer trade fairs like this are so important. They are so important to keep supporting. The reason – from my point of view – is this is a massive part of the economy. We are living on a consumption society and although shopping isn’t an produced event such as the ones I’m covering it is an event that takes up our day to day lives on a social capacity – and some people would even say they are professional shoppers. 

This was a perfect example of how big chains that have no real “feelings” to them should not be the future of shopping. Events like these are perfect examples of what events are. Fun, engaging, interactive, interesting and you even get to take a seat and try on the wedding dresses all under one roof.

Anything else to add?

Consumer interactive events such as trade shows and exhibitions are key to support. They bring money into the economy, they create event opportunities, they rent space from venues and so on. This is why I now pledge that if I ever need to buy something that I can buy in a shop I will. Amazon, eBay, online shopping…that’s not an experience. Yes online shppping is convienent but it’s also a memory. Remember when you were a child and walking into a toy shop. You would see the demonstrators demonstrating toys you had never seen before. You would experience and be part of the journey in the shop. Online – what do you do? What do you remember about a 5 minute transaction – absolutely nothing.

Supoort exhibitions, markets, vendors, small businesses – who are about they produce. Support the small the online company who will send you a thank you note for purchasing there product. Don’t support the ones who only care about your bank details.

One thing take away from this event…

Interactive experiences are what our world is about. We should live to have memories. So let’s go live experiences to deliver memories for the future.

I’m off to now MOVE LIKE JAGGER…

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