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Event 7 – “to be or not to be”…a question I’ve never asked – Hello Hamlet

Theatre is something that runs through my blood. I love production, expression of the arts and so on…to visit and experience  Pop Up Globe – Shakespeare was just a dream…welcome to the story of “Matt goes to Shakespeare…”

What was the event?

Pop Up Globe is a unique event that introduces new audience to the world of Shakespeare. This was the preview show – basically the dress rehearsal for the opening of Hamlet on Thursday 14th February. But this event, event number 7 on the 9th of February 2019, was just breathtaking. 

What happened at the event? 

It wasn’t the event I was in awe at – it was the experience. The positioning of this event was about the immersive experience. Shakespear is not something I have studied or played but it is always an experience to which anyone who loves the theatre wants to understand. But this…well this was just something else.

My aim was to experience events that are different – and this Pop Up Globe was just that. I stood for 2 hours and 48 minutes 3 metres from the stage, connecting eye contact with the actors and actresses and watching a performance that was passionate and powerful. It was Hamlet. But it was so much more. I felt the words. I saw the facial expressions. And it was a different type of “production.” The actors where standing side by side with the audience. They held some of there hands. They made improvisational jokes. It was..amazing. 

Theatre is stuffy. You sit in a chair. The performance is amplified. A theatre stage is static. But this. This was like a wave of emotion and triggering a sense of passion within the unlit eyes of someone who is seeing Shakespear for the first time. I was that passion. 

For the last 3 months I have been in contact with the marketing department, Liesl, who has been amazing. They have been so open and I had tour few days before I got to experience the show. The tour was exactly what I needed to be able to know straight away – this was something special. 

What happened was simple. A show was on stage. But instead what was felt – was unimaginable. I felt emotion even although I never understood a word that was said in a language that we have lost to understand in society. I dothed my hat n observed a show of true beauty. Beauty that was special to experience.

The journey of the spectator is simple. You enter – welcomed through and a lovely garden allows you to relax and enjoy the experience before the show begins. It’s personal. It’s relaxing. It’s then an experience like no other. 

Anything else? 

Shakespear for a lot of people is a class division. It’s about upper class who can afford the books, understand the story. This production is not at all about class – it’s about ensuring everyone feels part of the arts and opening up Shakespear to a new audience. Experience is everything in events and for me this experience was unique, was fun and was certainly a memorable journey. 

I loved this event and I know when the show opens on Thursday this product will be consumed and enjoyed by thousands more…

One thing to take away…

Theatre is no longer a stuffyness – it’s about immersion. So break down barriers charge $5 for a ticket (which they are) and watch new audience immerse and enjoy the story of Shakespear…

Well done to the cast for an emotive and passionate performance. 


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