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The world is just around the corner…

Well – 3 days to go and the excitement is building. Recently I have been out and about talking about the project and it’s been exciting to say the least but also nerve racking. I have been for the last year getting ready for this project but now it’s about to happen.

Happen! Oh my days. It’s exciting. Recently I have been having some great meetings and sharing the message. It’s all about a journey and I can’t wait to share that journey. My bag is 70% packed. My passport is ready. Visas are planned. My tickets and events are routed. It’s ready.

Saying goodbye to friends is the hard part – but its the part that is important to go on my journey to then come back and have there support and allow them to be bored with all the stories. This is Elliot my best mate who has his own adventures and I can’t wait to hear his global adventures and share my global adventures…


But the question I was asked recently was – “are you ready…like you…?” Well I haven’t really got an answer as such. I’m ready to board a flight. I’m ready to see different cultures and countries. Am I ready to go into a different hostel every few nights? Am I ready to meet loads of people – excited and apprehensive. Am I ready for the pace of the events and project – I won’t know. But it’s that known that will keep it exciting. I will never know if I ever done the project right but that’s exactly what is fun here. There is no right or wrong way but there is for sure a sense of “adventure and discovery”. I now need to just go and discover. I need to go and learn. I need to go and immerse myself. So…

That’s what I will do. I will immerse with my two feet into learning and finding out as much as I can. I will sing as loud as I can while in the middle of a crowd at music festivals. I will taste as many foods at food festivals and dive into the unknown at cultural celebrations….this is the adventure. I want to capture and share everything I learn. I want to see and listen. I want to ask and talk about everything that is going on.

So – ladies and gentleman:

6 years in the making
304 days since first flight booked
10 months constant planning
80 events
36 flights
24 different airlines
61 different accommodations (so far)
1 adventure…

Are you Ready?


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