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2 weeks and one day to go…THIS IS IT! Can you believe it?

15 days until I begin a journey that I thought could only be dreamt begins. Immersing myself into the events industry and learning about everything that is different. Do you believe it? 80 events – 27 countries – 61 different accommodation booked (SO FAR)…

But this blog actually isn’t about one thing. Its about many. So here is it…As I sit and listen to Ed Sheeran strum his guitar and listen to my dog snoring on the other side – you just never know the next steps of life. You never know where opportunity will come from and what conversations will lead to. Grasping with both hands is exactly what I plan to do.

This week I was told one thing, which for me is SOOOO important and I wanted to share. The journey is about being myself. Be enthusiastic. Be energetic but be me. The trip will teach me a lot (hopefully how to survive with my cooking abilities) but importantly learning and discovering new cultures. I will learn new skills but also learn about even more about – me.

There is one thing though. I want this to inspire. I want this whole trip to inspire others to live there dreams. People have started saying “this trip is so inspiration…” but actually anyone’s challenge outside of a known comfort zone will always be inspirational. This is because its not norm. Normal is life becomes what we all know. But when we don’t go down the normal route – it can change the perceptions of others. So whats your story…whats your journey?

In the next 2 weeks I will be POSTING A LOT! So be ready people my journey is about to take off…but what about yours journey – you going to start yours?



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