Beginning is near…

Well…here it is my first blog of 2019. I remember in 2018 when I decided to chase my dream I never thought I would be sitting in a café booking flights, I would have a website, a brand and in 29 days I am off – to explore and understand globally 80 events in over 27 countries. That’s right 29 days I leave, depart, embark, fly and so on… Here is the most interesting thing though…where is this project going to take me – I have no idea…


The whole project aims to understand events but there is also one more thing it will do – it will allow me to have the opportunity understand me. I will be in situations I have never experienced and for me this is as important as is learning about events. I will discover cultures, situations, experiences and opportunities that will allow me to grow and develop as a person. Although its quite the pursue to go around the world to find myself its a method that will give me the best opportunity.

I have my practical aims for this project which include to learn about events and build a brand of value to allow me to be a somewhat “Expert” in events and so on but more important personal aims that are specific for me during the adventure. These include:

  • Learn various phrases in different languages (like HAVE YOU GOT WIFI?)
  • Learn local cooking recipes in Vietnam and Latvia (more of course but these two countries I am quite intrigued);
  • Visit a few of the Seven Wonders including the Taj Mahal…
  • Meet the people of the world – and get to know them as new friends…

There is more for sure but I really want this trip to be something I can look back on and say – I got to everything that I could and that I wanted to. Yes, I won’t get to everything but I will try. And that’s the thing. To try. If I don’t try I will never achieve. This trip is then about exploring the unknown to lead to the other side of unknown.

Explore with my eyes. Listen with my ears. Feel with my heart…that’s my plan. I want this to be an emotional and constant adventure like no other. So come on the journey and welcome to something…different and adventurous…

#comeonthejourney…its about to begin

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