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The Cow That Saw Water…

Once a cow stood on a hill. She looked out into the sea that she could see if she squeezed her eyes. The water looked fresh. But it was 15 miles away. She could see there was fences in the way. But she could see a route around. She really wanted to go to the sea. She wanted to understand what the sea felt like. She couldn’t swim but she saw it as somewhere different. She had been in the same field for 5 years and was sick of the same field. So she began to route out a route. Dragging her heels in the soil she drew a path. The path way that looked simple but there was barbed wire fences, holes, fences, ditches and other challenges to overcome. But she knew she had to get to the blue sea.

She started off the adventure. She waved goodbye to her friends who carried on eating the grass. She shouted “I’ll return soon… but no one listened. They were all happy just eating there grass. She wanted something different. With this – she pushed the gate with her left hoof and out she went.

Every 100 meters there was a challenge. She had two options. She could jump over the challenge or she could walk back to the field. She decided that every challenge there was – she took on. She jumped, weaved or walked around. She was doing what she knew was right – overcoming every challenge. Nothing was stopping her get to the sea.

The sea was her goal and the more she saw of it the more she was determined to get there. Some barbed wire fences were not possible to jump over – so instead she walk around them – she walked an extra kilometer – but that didn’t stop her.

With one mile to go – she stopped. She looked around her. It was a field and land that she had never experienced before. She was in new surroundings. She was breathing different air through her nose. She was hearing different sounds. Seeing different birds, trees, ants and tasting different grass.

For five years she had experienced the same everything. Now she was exploring a different area. She was smiling at the new experience and that was before she got to the sea.

With 500 meters to go – she was tired but the water had never looked so blue. The whole sea was peaceful. Perfection. The whole sea was still. The cow was at peace as she walked along to the waves and experienced for the first time what the water felt like. Her hoofs in and out – she felt tired but so relaxed by the water.

For 3 hours she just walked in the water – occasionally she back rubbed. Until she decided it was time to head home…

Of course I have just wrote this fictional story. But the story is exactly what its like to live your own dream. She knew what her dream was. She overcame each challenge. She enjoyed every moment. She was tired. She wanted to turn back. She saw different views, experienced different smells. But by the she returned to the field – she was a new person with a new perspective of life. She was able to inspire and change those mindsets around her.

When we all dream we have the exact same thoughts. There is challenges. There is doubts. But there is always a way to get there…the views they experience are those they have never seen before. And once they do achieve them – they can inspire others to go and see them as well.

So you go get your dream – don’t let barbed wire, high fences or anything…stop where you want to go….

2 thoughts on “The Cow That Saw Water…

  1. Very thought provoking, but as always you are leading the herd in trying to change perspectives and living your dreams. You are an inspiration as always Matt

  2. A brilliant reminder of what we can achieve when we put plans into action. And as usual thought provoking. It’s time I stopped standing still!

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