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To settle…what does that mean?

Sometimes I think – what if I stayed in Glasgow. What if I buy a flat? What if I just stayed and settled? Built up my friendship groups? Lived life in a way that makes me happy? But then I think about my dreams. It’s funny travelling – its great to do but you are never settled – you are always on the move. Opening your suitcase to close it again and add another luggage tag. Travelling is something that adds so much value to peoples lives – but the friendships, relationships and “routines” of life that you try to keep up with at home are always changing and your not there. The street you live on changes but when you return you never see that change. You don’t see it because you’ve been seeing other things for the last 11 months or however long you have been away. Your eyes have viewed horizons that make you see things differently.

I’ve been reading some other blogs recently and one commented on the challenges of settling down after starting to travel and not wanting to just stay in one place. Its all about how relationships (girlfriends and boyfriends) can be difficult to appreciate and start because your moving on to the next place. Sometimes love isn’t easy as a country and western love song would say. But for me I do agree its hard but sometimes your’ll make it work if the other person feels its worth waiting for or has the same goals. I can understand though that at times its not as easy as that. There is emotions involved and reasons such as the other person wanting to settle down and enjoy their time with you – instead of you packing your suitcase grabbing your passport and talking about your travelling plans…

I totally get that. For the next 11 months I will be fully immersed in travelling. I will always want to speak to as many friends I can – but I won’t be there for engagement parties, weddings, funerals, birthdays, parties, celebrations, split ups, sad times and so on. This will be most certainly one of the most challenging factors to travel – but I will try my best (with some cards already written for some peoples birthdays…;)). Its true that travelling is amazing but sometimes you are lost from where you are from and its about then finding yourself in a different part of the world – with a new community.

This blog was written after I thought about an important event I am missing in May 2019 – I wont be there but I know that in the long run the travelling will be a benefit elsewhere. I will be there in spirit but sometimes that spirit just isn’t the same.

Travelling – the settling or always to be unsettled…



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  1. Great thoughts Matt and so on the button for me, I love it and hate it at the same time for different reasons, but those friends and family who want to come on your journey with you will and the others will always be there to pick up with on your return. You will grow so much from your experiences, just remember it is not everyone’s world and you will quickly find the ones who want to listen to all your stories and those who are happy in their worlds and do not need to hear about your experiences.
    You know which camp I’m in and wish I could be with you experiencing all these amazing places and festivals, so remember my phone is always on and the kettle ready to boil 😁

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