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Whats your blog?

These days everyone is able to communicate faster and share ideas or write travel blogs to a larger audience. Literally you can get any type of travel blog these days. Everyone writes about how sandy beaches are, how the world sounds in rush hour in Tokyo or how the world is more open because of travel options. When I was researching – perfect travel blogs – it was perfect images that really were selling some blogs – its about the captions, its about the brands that support them and so on…But then I thought about something.

This is my blog. These are my words. This is my voice. So I have done the blog the way I want. I am writing what I want to write but also no one else has ever done a project like this – so there is nothing I can compare too. 80 events to be explored – will result in a lot of words. It’ll be a lot of pictures but a lot of stories. I want these stories to be different than other blogs – I want them to read and be personal. I want them not to be generic. I want them to inspire them to write their own words.


Sometimes its key to think “what is my story?” If someone says – go and write a blog TODAY about your life – what would you write? Easy…or is it? What’s the story you would want people to be inspired by? What’s the journey you would want people to go embark on with you? It’s a question that many of us probably don’t ask – simply because we don’t have to ask that question.

“Around the World in 80 Events” is not just about an adventure that I want to go on – its an adventure I want everyone I know and don’t know – to come on. I want everyone to take a glimmer of inspiration to enable them to change and be inspired for the future. This is what my voice will be. It will be about inspiring and motivating people for the future in whatever capacity.

Now its time to tell…YOUR STORY…

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