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The Nike Advert…Dream Crazy

Lots of people have been saying to me – wow this is crazy. Recently there was an advert launched by Nike saying “if people says its crazy you should ask yourself if its crazy enough…” So I thought I would answer my own question in this weeks blog…

  • Do I think that going around the world is crazy – yes.
  • But do I think its possible – for sure.
  • Do I think trying to attend 80 different events is crazy – yes.
  • Do I think adding visits to different academic universities is crazy – yes
  • Do I think adding visits to venues – yes.
  • Do I think the creation of my bucket list on top is crazy – yes.
  • Do I think that me raising money for charity while doing challenges around the world is crazy…yes.
  • Do I think that I will make the trip more crazy as the 143 days go…yes

My point here is simple – an original idea or dream might seem crazy – but to add on to the crazyiness is important. Something should never just be – one level crazy when the opportunity is their to grow it further. Its funny because this adventure will be over in the blink of an eye. But within that time – I need to remember something – embrace the craziness – because I will never do this route, these challenges, these events or anything else in this order – ever again. Anyone who calls a dream crazy – take it as a complement because your doing what they they may not be able to ever dream to go and do.

So here’s a question – when you have a dream or a wish – do you think its crazy enough? If not – why not? Why don’t you add another level to it and then ask yourself again – is it crazy enough? If you have a mindset to be stuck in a certain way – then maybe this challenge isn’t for you. However, think if you made it that bit more crazy or challenging – would I get more from the trip…the idea…the dream…of course you would – that’s why everything should be as crazy as it can be.

So yeah – my dream – well I’m dreaming crazy but forever I will always think is what I am doing crazy enough…

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