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It all started as a dream…

“Around the World in 80 Events” was a dream that began in 2012. I thought about going around the world and visiting events. Wouldn’t it be cool if I had a camera crew following me and filming the whole thing. It would be even more amazing if it was a BBC prime time program – crazy idea but it was all part of the dream. The dream was to discover and experience 80 events…who would ever have thought I would now be planning to start the adventure in 143 days…

In the last nine years when I been part of events I always want to immerse myself in every part of the event. Personally its all about ensuring you get the most you can from everything you do – and this is where the dream started. I wanted to understand how other events operate, run, work, are successful and so on. The only way to do this is go and explore. So – the dream – was very Hollywood and lavish and large – but now the way I want this adventure to work is actually more personal. I want people to be inspired to live their dream. I want people to see events in a different ways. But the most important element is I want people to think. I want them to think when they read the blogs about the events I visit, the travel plans (whether its re-thinking how to book), cultures I will discover and anything else in between.


The dream is not just mine now to live. The dream is everyones. I want everyone to be part of this dream whether its friends that have had to endure me over the years talking about crazy ideas, whether its events people who I have met over the years (and also had to endure me), students I have taught in the past or anyone else that has stumbled over this blog (including the woman at the post office who was checking my passport and I told her all about my project) – its for you.

This adventure did start a dream – but now the tickets are booked, the backpack is purchased and the events are ready for me to attend. Its funny though as I write this I have butterflies in my belly because where will I be next year? What hostel will I be sitting in writing a blog from? Or will I? Will I complete the adventure and make all the 80 events…


Whatever happens at the end – I promise one thing – I will commit myself including every energy particle I can give to ensure that I get as much as possible from everything that I will do. I also can’t wait to write about the dream. I can’t wait for one day to have the book printed and all of the pages filled with everything I saw, smelt, felt, tasted and heard from around the world – because thats how this dream will be lived.


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