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Fears of travelling…

Travelling to other places is an unknown. How do you plan for the unknown? For example, the different cultures globally and understanding the do and don’ts. What about in America – not going into the wrong neighbourhood but wanting to explore the beaten track – that is exactly what the risks of travelling are about. Its about learning and developing at time progresses to appreciate what travelling really is.

My travels are based around going to events – which in itself brings risks. Large events with large gatherings of people bring threats. However, for me some people see those threats in ways that put them off – but for me its about just getting on with it – maybe this is because I have been involved for the last 9 years so I am used to it.

Specific travelling fears include:

  • Someone in your bunk bed in your hostel – when its not their bed;
  • Being lost and drunk (wont happen to me) and not known where you are going;
  • Running out of underwear;
  • Turning up to the wrong airport and to the wrong flight;
  • Accommodation not the five stars that you had hoped;

For me, personally going “Around the World in 80 Events “I have many fears. Here are some I will share:

  • Not making the 80 events. After all this work not being able to make 80 events. However, with precise planning and travelling plans – I believe I can make it but it’s a fear at the back of my head;
  • Financially running out of cash – I am funding this project myself. No other help – so I need to plan everything so well. I need to ensure I capture every expenditure. I can’t have that extra chocolate bar in the airport or street food in Bangkok;
  • Being lost – travelling is all about being lost but actually physically not known where to go and feeling scared is not ideal. Especially in some countries where street lighting is not known to exist;

However, the key element here is the success that travel can bring to your life. The add on’s you bring to life by being more cultured, travelled and open to the differences that we have in this world. The world will give me a lot and I will for sure take a lot away. But without doubt stepping on to that plane on the 4th of February I am going to be scared – but suppose its better to be scared than confident you have it all under control.

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