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When you think about it in your life you never knew anyone until you say one thing – Hello…

That hello is very important to start and establish common ground and moving forward with the develop of a relationship, friendship, connection and so on. This is the stage I am at with my project. It is my objective to meet new people and the only way I can do that is saying “HELLO…” Don’t get me wrong not everyone is going to reply to my hello’s. However, the ones that will reply are the ones that will see the benefit of engaging with me for the future. For them to have their event and venue recorded in the book means it will be seen to have wanted to be part of this project – which can only mean a good thing.

065/365: Show us your smile!

I also want the hello to be about meeting new friends who I would have a common ground with – events. I would be able to talk to people about events.

“Do I have too…” is sometimes what people think when they have to say hello. We are restricting ourselves to technological hellos instead of expressing our vocal cords. In events hello’s and conversations are what brings people together under the central meaning and appreciation for what they are there to enjoy. Therefore, for me – its about bringing that hello to different people around the world. I want to hear and see what their hello is like! I want to go to a cultural celebration about lemons and say hello to people who love fruit but I also want to say hello to people that attend events that morally might seem wrong for some people…

What is the hello of the event! What is your hello!

Say Hello today!

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