The Beginning…

An adventure that I have always wanted to do was to go around the world and visit 80 events. My aim was to put two loves together and create something special – travel and events…

Never has something like this been done before. Yes people go around the world and explore different events but now I will attempt to go to 80 events and share my experience through this blog and capturing the moments for all to see.

Each time I work at an event I love it. My heart beats faster and I love the adrenaline. Now, I want to share that passion and understand events that each of us maybe have never seen before.

This blog will be very simple. My English is never been my strength so if you are looking for fancy English – unfortunately wrong blog. If you are looking for raw travel experiences and the love of events – SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

But not just that. For me its about opening peoples eyes to the experiences in our world and also gathering a following that will allow people to question what events really are in the world. Whether it’s the different animal welfare regulations which means elephant racing is illegal in Europe or the way health and safety is taken seriously in some countries and in others – well is forgotten about.

For the next 14 months – the story of the blogs will focus on my journey to becoming organised. Whether it’s the gym program I will embark on to be prepared for the demands of travelling or choosing the perfect rucksack. The journey is going to be exciting and I can’t wait to have you onboard…

Whether you are:

  • A long suffering friend of mine who feels bad for me
  • A family member…
  • A fellow traveller
  • A journalist who is interested in my journey
  • A former lecturer who had to listen to my 1000 questions
  • A former student of mine in events management who had to deal with me as your lecturer
  • A former colleague
  • Someone lost on the internet and found this page…
  • Or anyone in between…

Welcome to our journey…Welcome to “Around the World in 80 Events”


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